Who Are We?

We are alumni of Exeter University, or members of University staff.

Roddy Ross receiving his honorary degree from the Chancellor Floella Benjamin

What is the Exeter University Club?

The Exeter University Club (EUC) was originally formed before 1940. Later in 1992 EUC merged with Convocation (which was set up in 1955). Convocation was wound up at its AGM on 10th September 2011, and therefore the Convocation Club also ceased to exist. A survey of past members of the Exeter University Club resulted in 300 replies of which 85% were in favour of re-forming the Club. A Liaison/Steering Group prepared a new constitution, which was approved by registered members at an Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) and enabled EUC to re-form. The IGM was held on Saturday 16th June 2012, and the new constitution was approved with 45 votes in favour and 4 abstentions. See ‘Club News’ for the most recent information.

Our aims are:-

  • Support the University

  • Represent the views of graduates to the University

  • Organise social events for graduates

To find out more about the many and varied activities of the Exeter University Club look at the Activities and Branches web pages on this site.