Recreating the Future Together

Recapture the Excitement


When a couple realizes their dreams are not as important as they once were, they need to find new goals in their life. Some of them will fall into a depression as they believe everything they have worked for has been a waste, but others will recapture the excitement of the early days of their relationship. They will see it as an opportunity to build a new future together, and many of them will see they are more able to do it quickly than they were decades ago.

Many couples face this awakening just as they are ready to retire, and it is often because they believed they would act and feel older than they do when the time approaches. They might suddenly see their life as something more than a time to rock on the front porch and wait for the children and grandchildren to visit them. Rather than sitting around, they realize they want to stay active and aware of the world around them.

Today’s retirees often find their plans to retire are far ahead of their plans to slow down in life, and they want new challenges to keep them active. They see life after leaving their long career as something more than a time to go to the rest home, and they want to do something productive with their time. Many new retirees today are hanging up the thought of old age, and they are starting their own businesses at a record rate.

Seeking new goals and challenges in life can be a time when couples reawaken their former selves as they explore possibilities, and it can keep them from becoming old before their time. They might face new challenges that could be difficult, but the excitement of knowing they have a reliable partner will keep them from faltering on their new path in life.