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                           Exeter University Club – The Future

Anna Upton, President of the Exeter University Club, has to regretfully state that, at the EUC AGM in June 2015, no-one was prepared to stand for election as an Officer of the EUC. Therefore as from June 2015, there was no Secretary, Treasurer or Marketing and Development Officer. As a consequence, it was agreed that the EUC could not continue and a resolution was passed which, in essence, agreed that the EUC be wound up. The existing committee all agreed to remain in post to oversee this winding up which is to be completed by 31 December 2015.

There was however an overwhelming desire that the name of the Exeter University Club be retained in some form for the future.

Shortly after the AGM the EUC Committee met and made arrangements that enable the name of the EUC to continue and for some of the activities to be retained (at least for the near future), viz:

  • Branches : These are autonomous and would have continued regardless of the winding up of the EUC. Thus there is no change on that front.

  • Members not belonging to a Branch : A ‘Bradnich’ Branch has been formed – Bradnich was the ‘umbrella’ that covered all those students who were not in halls of residence in the first year back in the 1970s and earlier. Therefore, it seems an appropriate name for this Branch. Andy Holman (East Anglia Branch) has agreed to take on responsibility for administering the new Branch.

  • Branch Lines: Our EUC newsletter will continue to be published and will continue to be ‘branded’ as ‘Branch Lines – Exeter University Club News’. The current Editor has agreed to continue. With regard to subscriptions, it is envisaged that we will revert to the old system of the Editor collecting those.

  • EUC Website: The website will continue. The current Website Manager has agreed to remain as website manager for the time being.

  • Annual Outing and Dinner/Summer Outing: This will continue. Rolf Holstein has agreed to organise the event in 2016 and will be assisted by other members. In future, there was a suggestion that perhaps Branches could assist or even organise the event

  • Money : Arrangements will be made to retain some monies to enable the EUC to continue to support the above whilst dispersing of the remainder of the money mainly to support future students at the University.

Information will continue to be disseminated via the Branches, including the new Bradnich Branch, Branch Lines and the website.

For further information please contact

Anna Upton, President

18th August 2015




The new President

The new President

EUC AGM held 14th June 2014

Summarised Report

The President Anna Upton opened the Meeting at 5.15 pm in the presence of 42 full members of EUC.

Reports were presented by



Marketing and Development Manager

Branch Lines Editor

Website Manager

Brief Extract from President’s Report: 237 people had registered as members after the EUC was re-launched. From 1st January 2014, when payment of a membership subscription was required, membership numbers decreased slightly to stand at around 170. Once the final members for the current year have been determined, work will start on the production of the Directory of Members. There are plans to move into the world of the internet/e-mail as our means of communicating with the members direct. Currently, the Branch Representatives pass on information, which is rather cumbersome for all (fuller details are given in the Website Manger’s report).

As reported at the last AGM, negotiations with the University to release the funds still held by it were successful. The paperwork took a while to resolve as the University required an agreement to be drawn up to set out the terms of the release of the monies but the money was finally transferred to the EUC earlier this year. A further problem arose relating to the use to which such monies could be put – the university had stated that they were purely for the use of the running of the club and not, as had been planned, for any activity that the club wished to support, eg the scholarships. However, this has now been resolved and the EUC is free to use the money as it wishes.

As a consequence of these delays, it was too late to pay over the money that had been agreed to support the five Progression Scholarships (5 at £1000 each). Therefore this lapsed for the current academic year but would be looked at for the next year.

Recruiting new (and younger) members is an uphill struggle. This is very worrying for the future of the Club and has implications for electing future officers of the Club and hence the running of the Club.

At grass roots, the Club continues to support the branches and has some funds available for promotional activities and other possible items that branches may wish to purchase to support their activities.

Brief Extract from Treasurer’s Report – Mike Aspray

The accounts for the 2013 financial year of the Club (1st January to 31st December 2013) which had been audited by the Club’s Honorary Auditor, Chris Pashley, were presented and formally adopted. Full details of the accounts can be obtained from the Treasurer, Mike Aspray.

It was agreed that the subscription for 2015 would remain at £5 per household; this includes a copy of Branch Lines sent electronically (£2.50 for Associate Members), with an additional £10 for members requiring Branch Lines as a hard copy.

Brief Extract from Marketing and Development Officer’s Report – Louise Clunies-Ross

The main challenge of increasing membership still remains and the Club needs everyone’s help and creativity to meet the challenge if there is to be a secure future for our special club. Following the Club’s re-launch and the introduction of a modest membership fee that also included copies of the Club magazine, Branch Lines, a complete overhaul of the Club membership lists has been taking place. Many of the Committee have worked hard to chase subscriptions, contact people who had lost touch with the Club, record addresses and subscriptions and create a new up-to-date list of EUC members.

RecruitmentSeveral options have been pursued in the nine months since the last AGM. The website has been enhanced by a link to the EUC registration form, some Branches send their programmes for publication on the website and several EUC events have recently appeared on the Alumni e-newsletter circulated by the University’s Alumni Office. The listed events have led to several alumni discovering EUC and coming to Branch events in the Exeter area, so all Branches were encouraged to promote a future event via the alumni e-newsletter by contacting Katie Wade at the University’s Alumni Office.

It was disappointing that the promotional issue of Branch Lines failed to generate any new members to the Club, so a small advertisement was placed in ‘Third Age Matters’, the U3A magazine. Published in April, this has so far brought four enquiries, one new paid-up member and another who plans to join as an associate; the exercise will be repeated in the autumn.

Brief Report from the Branch Lines Editor – Graham Firth

Branch Lines has entered a new era in 2014 where, instead of being completely independent as in the past, the magazine subscription is now tied in with membership of the EUC. Editorially, it remains independent (though naturally a conduit for Club announcements), but financially no longer so. Content will continue to be a mixture of Club news, branch reports, university news and anything else by and about members of the Club which we think will be of general interest.

The other major change to Branch Lines for 2014 is the availability of the option of an electronic-only subscription. This will naturally reduce the number of print copies required, though there is still a majority preference at present – just – for print (about 56% of the total).

Brief Extract from the Website Officer’s Report – Derek Smith

The website continues to attract a significant number of visitors each month and a lot of these access it via the University website.

It was suggested that the Club moves to using iCloud to better enable it to share key documents and other business items amongst committee members and hence better to manage the Club. Cloud data is securely stored on encrypted computer systems and this is well controlled.

It was also suggested that the Club moves to using MailChimp as a means of easily communicating with its members. MailChimp is very good for organisations with less than 2000 members because it does not charge at this level of membership. The Club would sign up to MailChimp and provide a list of members’ (or potential members’) email addresses. This information is kept securely by MailChimp but any communication sent out will very clearly come from EUC hence gaining the confidence of members. This system could be used to send out information, such as AGM notices, marketing information, general meeting details etc to members and potential members as well.

Both suggestions meet with approval and it was stressed that members without internet access would not be forgotten

Adoption of all Reports. All reports were then adopted.

Appointment of Auditor. Chris Pashley was re-appointed Auditor for the 2014 financial year.

Amendments to the Constitution. The following amendments to the Constitution were agreed:

– The increase in the number of elected members from three to four

– The formal addition of the post of Annual Outing Co-ordinator

– The normal periods of office for officers to be increased from two to three years for the President, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership and Development Officer; the term of office for the Website Manager is by agreement of the committee but ratified each year.

EUC Committee 2014/15 The following were appointed/elected:

Branch Representatives

Bristol – Louise Clunies- Ross; Cheltenham – Gill Tarling; East Anglia – Andy Holman; Exeter – Louise Clunies- Ross; London – Don Moore; Wessex – Ann Paddon. Elected Committee Members Three nominations had been received – Anna Upton, Mike Aspray and Rolf Holstein. Although the Constitution had now been amended to allow for four elected members, there were no further nominations from the floor and thus Anna Upton, Mike Aspray and Rolf Holstein were declared elected.

Officers and Other Committee posts

President – Anna Upton

Treasurer – Mike Aspray

Secretary – Vacant

Membership and Development Officer – Louise Clunies-Ross

Website Officer – Derek Smith

Branch Lines Editor – Graham Firth

Annual Outing Co-ordinator – Rolf Holstein

There was concern that no-one had been prepared to stand as Secretary. This created an immediate problem but of even more concern was the future, when the terms of office for other Officers would come to an end. Unless members were willing to serve on the committee and assume officer posts, the newly launched club was in danger of suffering the same fate as had Convocation ie it had ceased to exist as there was no committee to lead it.

Retirement of Secretary  The retiring secretary, Shirley Hunt, was thanked for her services and support of the Club and presented with an orchid plant from the whole committee.

Scholarships and other further activities  As a result of the delay and dispute over the use of EUC monies, EUC had been unable to pay the money for 5 Progressions Scholarships of £1000 each as agreed for 2013/14. However the University is proposing to offer similar scholarships in 2014/2015, but renamed Partnership Scholarships and for £1500. A suggestion that in order to ease the selection process of such students, as Exeter University was in the south west and that part of the country was one of the less affluent parts of the UK, the club limit its support to students from schools in the south west provoked discussion. There was general agreement that the scheme be supported and a straw poll indicated that the majority of the members present agreed that the scheme be restricted to those from the south west.

Sports Scholarships EUC/Convocation had funded an Annual Sports Scholarship of £1000 for some years through donations and fundraising. To enable continued support of these scholarships it was agreed that ‘ The Committee be authorised to use funds in the Reunion account to support the annually presented Exeter University Sports Scholarship in those years when it is necessary to top-up the Scholarship Fund to enable the Scholarship (currently of the value of £1,000) to be paid in full.’

Any Other Business Andrew Stratton Lecture. It was noted that originally Convocation provided funding for this occasion, but organisation and financial support has now been assumed by the University. The University is happy to retain the name of the lecture as there are many lectures and this helps to give the lecture its own identity. The Club will continue its support by advertising it to its members and through attendance at the Lecture.


The reforming of Exeter University Club – 16th June 2012 

The Exeter University Club (EUC) has existed in various forms since before 1940, members joining as individuals who then grouped into regional branches. In 1992 EUC merged with Convocation (which was set up in 1955). In 2011 Convocation was wound up on September 10th (the final AGM of Convocation) at which meeting the Convocation Club therefore also ceased to exist.

At the Inaugural General Meeting of the new Exeter University Club the new constitution was approved by 45 votes in favour with 3 abstentions. This enabled the re-forming of the Exeter University Club.