EUC Branches

Information about our Branches Many social events for alumni take place each year. Some are arranged locally for alumni who live or work in a particular area and others are organised by the University. These events and activities are a great way of meeting up with old friends as well as making new ones.

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Where do you live now?

Check the list below to see if there is a Branch of Exeter University Club (EUC) near to you! Look on this website to find out what is on their events programme – typically a mix of concerts, pub meals, theatre, walks, visits and talks but also including overseas trips and sporting events. Other information on the branches is available on the branch news page and includes reports of events. We welcome reports and comment from members – please contact Derek Smith.

BRISTOL BRANCH  is centred on the cities of Bristol and Bath and the surrounding countryside.

CHELTENHAM BRANCH  is a small group of alumni who meet in and around Cheltenham.

EAST ANGLIA BRANCH  draws alumni from a wide area to the north and north east of London.

EXETER BRANCH  holds events in the city itself and in surrounding areas of central, south and east Devon.

LONDON BRANCH  has a programme with events in the capital as well as in the nearby countryside.

WESSEX BRANCH  runs events across the south of England, some are shared with the Bristol and London Branches.

EUC HOLIDAYS  Both London and Wessex Branches use group the tour company Tailored Travel to arrange overseas trips for branch and EUC members. If you are interested check out the new EUC Holiday webpage.

Overseas branches are being developed in other countries as Exeter alumni move across the globe. The latest details appear on

Details of the EUC Branches and their activities appear on this website and in the publication Branch Lines.